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Dear Charlotte, Happy 5th Birthday!

Dear Charlotte, Five feels so old to me   You graduated preschool and had a birthday, congrats my love, you are a big kid ready for all sorts of big kid adventures. Char,  you are fiery, adventurous, brave, confident, kind, challenging, hilarious and basically this person so complex, we have yet to figure you out. […]

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A Birthday Letter to my Little One

It doesn’t feel real but does it ever?  You are our LAST of the babies and here you are turning two years old.   Sawyer pointed out the other day in Target that I needed to be looking in the toddler section instead of the baby section when we were looking for sweet birthday surprises […]

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Updates Soon!

Merry almost Christmas everyone! I’ve been so busy with sessions and trying to get them out before Christmas, I haven’t had much of a chance to update this blog but I will soon. Until then, here is an image of my daughter… she has her eye on you!    

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